Happystock Memories



In 2000, Joe and Gloria decided to throw a party; ten years later. that party is still going on.


For more than ten years, we've hoped for fine weather, lugged equipment, seen bands come and go, and howled at the flames of a raging bonfire.


We've poured the sound of rock music like honey across the peaceful air of Happy Valley - and the police stopped coming by Happystock V.


The stage has hopped around from place to place (modern satellite imaging still hasn't caught up with the current configuration!)  - and it wasn't always the grand, palatial (covered) structure that we find at Happystock today.  Once, the Happystock stage was a rude collection of discarded risers, that have long since been consigned to the crackling bonfire, along with Joe and Gloria's old house, which took two years to burn!


Power, in those days, was provided by a Honda generator, tucked away behind Bob and Doug's place; nothing like the slick, in-stage power of the present day Happystock. Back in 2000, a performer always faced the tantalizing prospect of electrocution when grabbing a microphone.


We've had a decade's worth of weather at Happystock, and it can be truly said that, like the song, "we've seen fire and we've seen rain".  It took a while, but we've finally figured out how to keep the show going, and the fans dry, even in the most torrential downpour.  


But no recollection of Happystocks past would be complete without remembering the bands that have played their way across our stage... 


Only one band has played all eleven Happystocks: although there have been personnel changes over the years, the What? has become the Happystock House Band.


We've had great performances from groups like Kaleidoscopik from Montreal, local sensation BS101, the hard-working rockabillies of Buzz Deluxe, new-wave Epsilon, Blues/Rock combo Voodoo Rig, Shifter from Barrie, and "legacy bands" March and Sugar Cain.


A lot of great musicians have trod the boards at Happystock, and we have been fortunate enough to preserve many of their performances on MP3.


Happystock - eleven years gone, and many more to follow.


Rock On, Dude!


Annual Music Festival


Happy Valley

King Township

Ontario, Canada




About Happystock


Happystock is an annual outdoor music festival that takes place at the end of every summer in King Township, Ontario.  A showcase for local bands, the festival is now in it's twelfth year.


Navigate our site to listen to mp3s from some great Happystock performances, view pictures taken at the event over the years, apply to have your band appear at next year's festival, or arrange to have your band recorded live in 16-track digital at your gig or practise space - and, of course, find out when Happystock XIII will happen, and how to get there!


The Happystock crew hope that you enjoy our website, with its wealth of Happystock resources - but, more importantly, we hope to see you at the very next Happystock!!

How to Get There


Happystock is located at 15630 Weston Road, King Township, Ontario, between King Road and Aurora-Lloydtown Road.


From the 400, exit at King Road, head West, and turn Right to go North on Weston Road.  Happystock will be on your left, just North of Churchill.


If you exit at Aurora-Lloydtown Road, head West, and go South on Weston Road - Happystock will be on your right, just beyond the property with the big wrought-iron gates and never-ending grey and white wooden fence. 



Is now history.  In spite of some threatening weather (torrential downpour) earlier in the day, the eleventh annual Happystock was well-attended.

Bands Sick Needs, DB4 and the perennial What? entertained Happystockers until the wee hours. The evening was capped off with a rollicking jam, and all that now remains is the memories.  And the video.  And the audio recordings.  Okay, quite a lot remains - but what really matters is that there is a whole twelve months to go until the next Happystock...

Those suffering Happystock withdrawal can visit Radio Happystock or look at some of the videos shot at Happystock XI (links to the left).

Watch the Radio Happystock page for tracks from XI - they will be available just as soon as the over-worked production crew gets around to mixing them down!

Thanks to all who contributed to the success of Happystock XI, all those who came to listen or play, but especially to Joe and Gloria, who yet once more, threw a magnificent party.

NOTE:  If you have any video or pictures to add to the Happsytock site, please let us know!
Ryan Rocks the Zep
at Happystock XI


DB4 at Happystock XI


What? at Happystock XI

Born on the Bayou


What? at Happystock XI

Whipping Post

Celebrating twelve years of Happystock and the What?

Watch the Slideshow

Good Times, Bad Times/Warpigs

The What?

Recorded live

at Happystock III


Has come and gone. Another one for the books, weather just perfect, to be remembered as the year the bands truly left blood on the stage, owing to the voracious appetite of Happy Valley mosquitoes....

Appearing were bands Sick Needs, Peripheral Vision, DbIV, Shot Karma, the perennial What?, with a midnight blues lesson from Bubba...

Watch this space for links to mp3s, and videos from the event...

Click here to see photos from Happystock XII






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