Annual Music Festival



Happy Valley

King Township

Ontario, Canada


Fresh tracks from Happystock XII! 


And more than forty from the first eleven Happystocks. 


Something for everyone:  Blues fans will enjoy Voodoo Rig;

New Wavers will dig Kaleidoscopik and head-bangers, Epsilon. 

Woody Al & Richard apply their virtuosity to Zappa, Hendrix and

Government Mule, and fans of “the Rockabilly” will get a buzz from

Buzz Deluxe. Longtime Happystock aficionados will appreciate the

heaping helping of What?


Radio Happystock:  the soundtrack of summer.

Twelve years of great times and great music.


Depending on your browser settings, the music will either begin

automatically, or you must click the play button or select a track

to begin. If you don’t have Flash Player installed, you can get it by

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It’s not quite the real thing – but the music can at least keep you

warm until the next Happystock comes around!





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